While the conference will be held physically within the “Patio de la Infanta”, due to the special situation of Covid-19 and required social distancing measures, an online attendance mode will be available, thus making the conference hybrid.

If you feel it will be impossible for you to travel to Zaragoza during the conference, do not hesitate, the online modality is your choice. The online modality registration grants access to all the sessions and panels through high-quality live streaming, so you will still be able to participate in the emerging discussions or even present your own research even if you are not physically at the conference.

However, if possible, we strongly encourage you to come to Zaragoza and enjoy the BIFI International conference 2022 in its on-site modality. The BIFI conference is not only an academic experience but also a social event, as it provides a great networking opportunity to interact with your peers and exchange ideas. By choosing the on-site modality you will be able to attend the conference directly from the Patio de la Infanta and any social event that could be organised (pending on Covid-19 situation). Moreover, you will still receive access through the webinar, in case any unexpected limitation hinders your attendance to the conference. Finally, choosing the on-site modality will allow you to enjoy the city of Zaragoza, discovering its beauty (and exquisite cuisine).