Guidelines to join the streaming.

The conference is hosted via Zoom Webinar, which does not require the user to have it installed nor to have an account created, as it is accessible through any navigator using the provided link. Nevertheless, speakers are highly encouraged to access through the zoom client, to avoid potential connection issues.

If the Zoom client is installed on your device, accessing through the link will prompt out a window asking to launch the conference in the client. Then, using the passcode you may enter the webinar.

If the app is not installed, it is still possible to access using a navigator by clicking the link pointed below in the image. Then, using your email and the passcode you will be able to access the webinar.ย 

UPDATE: The email with the access link has already been sent. If you have not received it, please check the SPAM mailbox and if the issue persists contact with the organising committee.

The link and passcode will be sent to registered users within a few days before the event.